Why Yoga

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Note: Joytir Yoga is now part of Carson City Yoga. Please see our yoga class schedule here.

Yoga is life.  The practice is called a practice because everything you do on the mat is training for everything you do off the mat.  More than metaphor, yoga teaches you how to breathe, how to act rather than react, how to move easier, and how to engage more fully in your life.  Yoga is just plain good stuff.  🙂

Over the years, I have experienced yoga as a purely physical practice, yoga as a spiritual journey, and yoga as a mental/emotional coping strategy.  I have worked and practiced with other like-minded (and not so like-minded!)  yogis, learned from teachers of different traditions, and worked with students of different backgrounds.

I see how yoga’s path can look different at different times, and for different people.  It is important that we all honor our own path. However we practice it, whatever tradition we follow, here’s what I know: There is wisdom in our bodies and our breath, and if we are open to it, that wisdom is ours.

“Anybody can breath,” says T.K.V. Desikachar, “therefore anybody can practice yoga.”

Yoga connects us to our humanity, and to life and breath and peace and presence. With yoga, we can remember that peace is already here. Yoga helps us drop away from the chaos to find it, to feel it. Yoga drops us deeply in to our bodies, our breath, our bones. Yoga brings us present, into this moment.  Here, now, in this place, hidden in plain sight is our own inherent wisdom.  Yoga is a way to tap in to that.

As a teacher, my job is to create the space for you to discover your way to your inner wisdom.  That may be physical:  how do you move in and out of poses, and realign and re-educate your body so that you have greater strength and flexibility? How can you move so that you have less pain in your every day life? It may be mental or spiritual: discovering on the mat what our patterns and triggers are, and working with things like patience or courage; discovering how playing with that edge on your mat helps you play that edge more productively in the rest of your life.  Or it may be as simple as learning to breathe more efficiently so that you feel better overall.

In class, we learn to listen to our bodies and to accept them as they are.  We approach asana with a light heart, finding fun even in falling, amazement in our steadiness and strength, and we bring laughter as well as awareness to the shapes of our bodies and how we move them.

People come to yoga for many different reasons. Whatever your reason, when you come to your mat with a mindful presence and let your yoga practice unfold, then you will find your best yoga practice.   It’s all about you – my job as a teacher is simply to provide the space, metaphorically and literally.

“Attending Amy’s yoga sessions have enabled me to grow stronger physically without injury. Prior to her calm, clear, attentive instruction, I had attended others’ classes and found myself straining to keep up and as a result, very often injured in those classes. Amy provides concise directions and she watches each individual carefully. I am learning correct movement and placement as alignment is emphasized. I always have an increased sense of well-being after her yoga classes!” – Desiree N.