About Private and Small Group Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions

balanceMost of the time, group classes are a great way to begin your yoga practice.  Sometimes, however, you may have particular issues that you would like to address.  You may want to work more deeply with the breath, for example, or give specific attention to yoga postures that will better address what is going in your body.  Private sessions are a great way to address your particular needs, and to begin to develop your own personal practice.

A private session will begin with a consultation.  A yoga plan will be designed based on your goals and preferences.  We will work together in private sessions, and create a practice that you can do on your own as well.

Small Groups By Design

An alternative to private sessions is to schedule small group practices.  Perhaps you have a small group of friends or co-workers who would like to create a class at a particular time and place, or you would like to practice together with family members.   Generally, this will be a group of 2-6 people with similar yoga goals.  You can set up one or two classes with me, just to get started and then meet on your own, or schedule a series of classes with me.   In these groups you will get semi-private instruction, and guidance about how to continue your own practice.


If you are interested in private or small group sessions, contact me for further details.  We can discuss your needs, what you would like from a teacher, and how we can best work together.  There is no charge for an initial 30 minute consultation.  Rates for private sessions are variable, depending on the number of people in a group, and sliding scale fees may be an option.


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